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Infanity, a leading Web3 platform founded by music industry veterans, guides artists like you into the Music NFT world. The Hype Magazine brings decades of industry knowledge and a passion for elevating independent voices.

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Dive deep into the innovative world of music NFTs. This program is crafted to help you

with strategies to elevate your career and financial opportunities in Web3.

You're not just part of the industry; you're ahead of the competition.

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Blockchain Basics to Brilliance:

Gain comprehensive knowledge on NFTs, from foundational concepts to advanced strategies for monetization, all tailored for hip hop, R&B and pop artists.

Create, Launch, Benefit:

Master the art of turning your recordings into NFTs on the Infanity platform, opening up new avenues for revenue.

Expert Insights:

Learn from seasoned professionals in both music and tech, who bring a wealth of knowledge and insider tips to the table.

The Hype Endorsement:

Benefit from The Hype Magazine's music industry's media network and their marketing and promotions expertise.

The Certification:

Earn a certification that shows off your expertise in the digital music landscape in Web3 .


Creative Team



Big Leek is a music industry entrepreneur and leader, who began as a producer and songwriter with the then unknown Rodney Jerkins of Darkchild Productions, who later became one of the most successful pop and R&B music producers globally. Big Leek also previously managed major label and independent recording artists and producers, with a specific focus on developing unknown talent to major label status.

Big Leek currently tours as a DJ in the US, through his company, Baker Boyz, specializing in hip hop and R&B. Currently as the Maryland State representative, and previously as the US National President of Ruff Ryders, the largest motorcycle club in the world which began as the street marketing arm that helped launch multi-platinum rapper DMX of Ruff Ryders Records, Big Leek oversees rules and responsibilities for all active members. Over his extensive career, Big Leek has also held management positions at various Fortune 500 companies.

Big Leek is committed to helping develop talent, and credits the discipline and confidence he developed as a five degree black belt in Tang Su Do, and later as a hand to hand combat instructor for the US navy, to helping make people’s dreams a reality.



Hip Hop Legend, Percy Chapman, more famously known as Tragedy Khadafi, is the mastermind behind Queensbridge rap's success. Admired by Hip Hop and Rap greats like Nas, he influenced giants such as, Mobb Deep and C-N-N from his early start at 14 with The Juice Crew.

His breakout solo album, "Tragedy – Saga of a Hoodlum," launched on A&M Records, marking his rise to fame. Shifting to executive roles, he propelled Capone-N-Noreaga's "The War Report" to success with his 25 To Life Entertainment, also collaborating as a featured artist.

As the 2000s rolled in, Tragedy returned to his music roots, releasing hits like “Against All Odds” and "Still Reportin'", blending his raw style with his savvy in the industry. He extended his influence to film, spotlighting Queensbridge in the seminal documentary "Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge". Today, with 13+ albums and a knack for scouting talent, Tragedy Khadafi remains a titan in hip hop music and culture.

Having recently joined as Infanity's Chief Hip Hop Officer, he leads conversations and initiatives in blending music into the world of Web3 and music NFTs.



Dr. Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson, the powerhouse founder of The Hype Magazine, has cemented her status as a visionary in the urban music and entertainment industry. Her leadership and innovative approaches to media have made her a pivotal figure in the evolution of urban entertainment coverage.

The Hype Magazine has become synonymous with cutting-edge urban culture, hip hop, R&B, and rap music. The magazine's mission extends beyond mere reporting; it seeks to unearth and spotlight emerging talent, offering a platform for artists often overlooked by mainstream media.

The Hype Magazine's history is a testament to the changing landscape of the music industry and its ability to adapt and thrive amidst these shifts. Her resilience and dedication to quality have earned the magazine numerous awards and accolades, solidifying its importance in the urban music scene.

Through its pages and digital presence, The Hype Magazine has championed the rich diversity of urban culture, from hip hop and R&B to rap and beyond, making it an indispensable resource for fans and artists alike.

Frequently Ask Question

Who is this program for?

This program is tailored for independent music artists, producers, and creators within the hip hop, R&B, and pop industries looking to expand their careers into the digital and blockchain space. Whether you're a seasoned artist or new to the scene, if you have a passion for music and an interest in leveraging NFTs for your career, this program is for you.

What are NFTs and how do they work?

NFTs is an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens.Non-Fungible is in the sense that they are unique and cannot be interchanged like fungible assets such as Bitcoin. Let’s take for example if you exchange a Bitcoin to get another thing changed, but you still get the same Bitcoin back — it’s the opposite in the case of NFTs.Each NFT has a distinct signature used to designate and verify ownership of assets — there are no two original copies.NFTs are digital assets that are usually representations of real-world objects such as in-game items, videos, music, collectibles, virtual assets, and arts. These crypto assets are largely part of the Ethereum network.  However, there have been other versions of NFTs implemented on other blockchains such as Algorand, Tron, WAX, Tezos, EOS, Solana, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Flow.

How does the program help artists monetize their music?

Level Up Beyond The Hype Certification Program teaches artists to utilize NFT technology to create unique, digital versions of their music and related content which can be sold directly to fans and collectors. By doing so, artists open up new revenue streams beyond traditional music sales and streaming, including exclusive releases, digital collectibles, and direct fan engagement opportunities.

What does the certification involve and what are its benefits?

Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certification co-signed by Infanity and The Hype Magazine. This certification not only validates your knowledge and skills in music NFT creation and monetization but also enhances your credibility in the digital music marketplace. It signifies to fans, collectors, and industry peers that you are at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology with music.

How long is the program, and what are the costs involved?

The program is $99 as a limited offer for The Hype Magazine and is 10 live and recorded modules of custom content created given on a weekly basis:


- Mod 1: Embracing Web3: Blockchain, NFTs & The New Musical Frontier

- Mod 2: The Intersection of Music and NFTs

- Mod 3: Crafting and Solidifying Your Digital Music Legacy

- PLUS: 8 other modules that will lead to your successful launch as a Web3 music artist

- BONUS MODULE: Tragedy Khadafi's Artist's Journey of Mindset and Self-Awareness

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